With the arrival of spring upon in Kansas City, it’s definitely not too soon to start preparing your lawn for KC’s often hot – and dry – summer months. If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is to creating that healthy and lush green carpet of a lawn that catches your eye every time you drive by, it actually very simple: Water. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount in all of the right places. Now that is a solution that’s not quite as simple – unless you call at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation and ask about installing a quality residential irrigation system.

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With the Rachio smart system, homeowners will use on average 30% less water.

The Turf Pros at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can design and install a custom irrigation system that ensures your yard – and your shrubs, bushes, flower beds and even trees – get exactly the amount of water they need to stay at their healthy best. And, by incorporating a smart sprinkler control system into your irrigation plan you’ll have even more control of when you water and when to skip a soaking (like after a full night of rainstorms).  By adding a Rachio WiFi-enabled irrigation controller, all zones in your yard will get just the right amount of water and always look their very best – no matter what the local TV weather teams predict!

One issue that many homeowners without an irrigation system often face is leaving sprinklers on overnight. Their intent is good, but it’s easy to forget to turn off that faucet before shutting out the lights. This not only wastes water – and increases the water bill ­– it can also lead to muddy sections of a lawn, which can even kill grass and cause pet-harming ground mold.

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With Rachio, you are in control of your lawn whether you are home or not.

Certainly no one’s dream day includes dragging a heavy – and muddy – water hose around the yard in the hot sun when there’s plenty of outdoor fun with family and friends that awaits once the chores are done. Get your weekends back!  The days or hose-hauling are history once you install an automatic sprinkler system with a Rachio irrigation controller. Controlled by an app on your smartphone, the Rachio controller effortlessly maintains proper moisture levels for your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plantings – keeping them well-hydrated from spring and through the fall.

With the WiFi enabled Rachio system, you can pair up various zones of your yard to be watered at specific times with set schedules that are tied to the nearest national weather service monitoring station. This ensures your lawn is never dry or over watered and in-tune with the weather.


The new weather features from Rachio allow for more accurate rain skips, better seasonal shifts, and saturation skips when the soil moisture is balanced.

The Rachio Generation 3 WiFi Sprinkler Controller is the only controller equipped with hyperlocal Weather Intelligence™ Plus and a Rachio Wireless Flow Meter. Weather Intelligence™ Plus is a brand-new feature available that adds “hyper-local” accuracy into the current and projected weather conditions. No other smart sprinkler controller offers weather monitoring this precise – or reliable.

There is a fine line between over and under-watering your plants and yard – and inferior sprinkler heads, incorrect and leaky plumbing and shoddy installation of a subpar irrigation system can be worse than not having an automatic sprinkler at all. When you choose an automatic underground sprinkler system from Heinen, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the experts at Heinen have been installing sprinkler systems for over 30 years.

Heinen uses only top-quality equipment, including precision rotors, precise system electronics installed by technicians that are the best in the business – and guarantee their work to prove it.

Whether you’re ready to install a new irrigation system or just looking to upgrade your current control system, just give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a no obligation consultation with one of Heinen Irrigation Specialists!