Put Your Lawn to Bed Before the Winter Freeze

As winter blows into Kansas City, homeowners are preparing their homes for the cold season ahead. Dropping temperatures have us all changing our furnace filters, setting out new doormats, and hanging curtains by drafty windows. In all this prep work, there is one unseen home asset that’s quite vulnerable to cold weather. While transitioning to winter, don’t forget to Winterize your sprinkler system!

Forgetting to care for your home’s outdoor irrigation system can cost you a pretty penny in system repairs, flood damage control, or lawn replacement. Don’t wake up to a broken spurting Backflow or a broken pipe in your system – prepare today!

Broken above-ground PVC irrigation pipe line. Sprinkler head with cap.

Why Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler lines lie quietly underground, but unfortunately, they’re not going to hibernate this winter. Homeowners may be tempted to forgo shutting their systems down for the colder weather – since you can not see water spraying out of them, they should be fine right? Wrong! Here are a few reasons why smart homeowners turn off their sprinkler systems.

  1. It’s Already Raining: Advanced sprinkler systems like the Rachio Water App allow busy homeowners to control their lawn watering remotely. This is a very convenient and cost savings solution. If Mother Nature is already watering the grass, you can grab your phone and adjust the schedule accordingly.
  2. It’s Vacation Time: When you are enjoying a luxurious time away from home only to return and discover your irrigation system has sprung a leak? If your sprinklers aren’t operating properly, it may be quite some time before a neighbor notices and can let you know. Imagine discovering a spongey lawn and the highest water bill of your life – yikes!  This can be prevented with the Rachio Water App.
  3. Winter is Here: Water sitting in your irrigation lines can freeze; as the ice expands, pipes or sprinkler heads may burst. These damages may not be noticeable during the winter season, but a broken system will really be a disappointment come springtime. During warmer days, the ice will melt and water may leak out of the connection points, in underground pools, or run towards your home’s foundation. Avoid expensive repairs and replacements by shutting down your sprinkler system before the first freeze. Irrigation Kansas City

How to Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

If there are no current leaks in your system and if your controller functions properly, you will need to turn off the system from the controller, remove the Backflow, and drain your lines to prepare for winter.

If you do not have the time, the professional landscapers at Heinen can open the irrigation valves to drain the water lines. Then, these experienced crew members can use an air compressor to blow out any remaining water. With Heinen’s Irrigation Experts on the job, your underground irrigation systems will be safe and sound this winter and ready come springtime!

When To Turn Off Your Irrigation System

Some homeowners may turn off their systems at the start of the fall season, believing their lawn to be already dormant. Actually, your lawn soaks up moisture in the fall to live through winter and thrive come spring. However, many homeowners turn off their sprinklers too late. Don’t forget – excess water in the irrigation lines can cause cracks and breaks! Heinen advises shutting off your sprinkler system just before the temperatures begin to drop below freezing.

Save Your Money – And Your Sprinkler System!

Our Heinen Landscape and Irrigation pros are ready to ensure your home or commercial sprinkler system is properly winterized. Your lawn will thank you!  Don’t wait until everyone calls at the first freeze! Book your appointment with Kansas City’s best sprinkler and irrigation team now before the slots fill up!

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