With one of the most rain-saturated fall seasons to date in full swing (and we’re less than a month in!), it’s not too early to start thinking about preparing your yard for winter and irrigation system shutdown. To avoid costly repairs and maintenance next spring, it’s best to have your sprinkler system winterized before the first freeze.

Temperatures may drop below freezing anytime over the next few weeks and you’ll want to be prepared. Shutting down your irrigation system ensures underground pipes won’t break once the temperature starts to drop below 32° F. Cracked sprinkler pipes, broken sprinkler heads and costly irrigation system repairs are something no one wants to deal with next spring!

Winterizing your sprinkler system is a process that consists of opening valves to allow water lines to drain, followed by blowing out any remaining water with an air compressor. Heinen’s certified Irrigation Professionals are ready to drain and winterize your sprinkler system this fall! Plus, we are willing to make recommendations to keep your underground sprinkler system performing at its best this spring – and for multiple spring seasons to come.

Many Heinen customers have taken the opportunity during the irrigation “off-season” to upgrade their system to include the latest sprinkler and irrigation controller technology. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller gives you complete access to your sprinkler system from your smartphone. It also communicates with the nearest local forecast office of the National Weather Service to determine up-to-the-minute weather conditions in your area and adjust your sprinkler schedule accordingly – no more sprinklers running during an unexpected downpour!

The Rachio controller automatically skips a scheduled watering if rain is in the forecast. What’s more, Rachio’s real time notifications give you a warning if there are any faulty valve issues developing within your irrigation system. Plus, the Rachio Smart App allows you to customize up to 16 separate watering zones – enough to give special watering consideration to your trees, shrubs, grass, varied soil types and varies sun exposure – guaranteeing the perfect amount of watering while minimizing excess runoff!

Ready to have your yard winterized? Book your appointment with Kansas City’s best sprinkler and irrigation team now before time slots fill up! Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape at 913-362-8439.