Jumpstart Your Spring with a Winter Irrigation System Install

How much time did you spend last spring, summer, and fall dragging hoses and sprinklers around your property last growing season? Two hours a week, three, four, more? (36 weeks at just two hours a week is three full 24-days of sprinkler management!). And did you ever happen to forget your sprinkler was running, nearly flooding out one area of your lawn while others missed out on a watering? How much water was wasted by overwatering – and how much damage was done by flooding out those lawn areas?

Save time, save money and save your lawn this spring with Heinen. You’ll get your weekends back, save money in the long run, and have the healthiest lawn and plants on your block! Whether your reclaimed time is spent with friends and family or catching up on your favorite shows or sports teams is completely up to you!

But why wait until spring to install a new irrigation system? The off-season is a great time to beat the rush and book an installation – guaranteeing your new system is ready to roll when the first warm days of spring arrive!

What’s the Big Deal with Sprinkler Systems?

Simply put, an automatic underground sprinkler system provides your lawn and plant life the precise amount of irrigation they need to thrive – not too much, not too little. No more under or overwatering. A properly zoned system provides the right amount of water for different parts of your property based on the amount of sunlight, the plant type, and soil type. The combination of proper zones, calibrated sprinkler heads and watering times – all monitored and managed by a state-of-the-art control system – will give you the healthy, green lawn and flourishing shrubs, bushes and flowers you’ve always imagined.

Today’s control systems can actually save you on your water bill. No more overwatering from leaving a sprinkler on overnight, and skipping watering cycles when rain is forecasted in the area – thanks to your control system’s internet synchronization to the nearest National Weather Service Center monitoring center – you may even experience much lower water bills compared to hand watering. And, with a Rachio smartphone controller, you can see your daily savings in real-time on an easy to use phone app.

One of the best things about an automatic sprinkler system is not only saving money, but saving time. When you stop dragging a sprinkler and hose around your property, you’ll get your weekends and other free time back!

Why Wait? Winter’s the Time to Book Your Own Automated Sprinkler System Installation

Winter may seem like the last season you would want to install a new irrigation system or upgrade an outdated system, but it’s actually a great time to do so! If you have the flexibility for when the actual system installation occurs, Heinen’s skilled irrigation professionals can take advantage of the many warm days that occur each year during Kansas City winters. The Heinen team will work you into the schedule when warmer temperatures allow this winter and get your system ready and running – which means you won’t get stuck in the rush that happens each spring when the first streak of sunny warm weather hits the Metro. Instead, you’ll be well on your way to growing a healthy green lawn!

Also, if your current sprinkler system isn’t getting the job done – don’t hesitate to contact Heinen’s irrigation team about installing an upgrade. Consultations are complimentary and you’ll see just what it will take to convert a tired old system to the technology of today. And, ff you are looking for handheld control of your irrigation system, check out the Rachio Controller! Heinen’s irrigation pros are experts at installing the controllers and calibrating zones to best serve your property’s irrigation needs.

Ready to get growing? Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape today at (913) 362-8439 for a no obligation irrigation system consultation!